Five Ideas for your Living Room Redesign

New Elegance

The formal living room takes it easy with cool neutrals, matte metallics, and pops of pink. The sofa shimmers in velvet with pillows in silver and gold. Classic bergeres feature an embroidered pattern inside, a shirred fabric outside. And the twin klismos chairs juxtapose leather and croc-patterned fabric. The glass-top table is iron brightened with antiqued gold leaf, and lighting brings mercury-finish glass and gilded steel into the mix. Continue Reading →

Three Fun Decorating Ideas on a Budget


In its heyday, the mixtape was a musical love letter, specially planned to covertly express hidden crushes, power ballad-worthy connections, and good old fashioned friendship. Welcome guests to your home using the same nostalgic expression with this personalized door mat.

Designed by graphic artist Jim Holodak, this retro mat features your family name on the mix’s title line, along with classic cassette detail set in colorfast dye. And while they can’t be furtively slipped through the slots in your cute lab partner’s locker, these time-honored tapes can be taken indoor or outdoors, wherever your musical taste may land. Continue Reading →

Cube Lantern – A Perfect Light / Chair Combination

Cube Lantern

The Cube Lantern is a waterproof, wireless, rechargeable, energy-efficient lantern at home indoors or outdoors. Perfect for brightening up backyard barbecues and setting a romantic atmosphere poolside; it is designed to thrive in bad weather and has a guaranteed high resistance to shocks. The lamp is also portable and easy to move indoors—its amazing ability to transition between six colors will turn every day into a party, while four modes and three light intensities allow you to set the perfect mood. Simply recharge by placing the lamp on its base. Get it at Continue Reading →

12 Inspiring Ideas for Christmas Lights in the Bedroom

Christmas lights are often associated with happiness, comfort and thoughts of home. You may feel a pinch of excitement as you see these gorgeous string lights emerge from their storage boxes each year. With today’s eclectic decorating schemes, there’s no need to keep those lights boxed up most of the year. The bedroom is a perfect place to hang Christmas lights year-round, lending a soft glow to your bed and relaxing area. In fact, they may lull you to sleep with comforting thoughts of home and good times. Pull out some lights today to see what they can do to your home decor. Continue Reading →