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5 Steps To Achieving The Perfect Bathroom

Updating your bathroom is an important task due to the fact that, along with the kitchen, it is a room that is not frequently restyled. Redecorating these two rooms can be quite expensive and as a result it can be five, ten or even fifteen years between updates. This of course means that it is essential to achieve the perfect bathroom design that you will be happy with for many years. Following the five
steps below should ensure that you accomplish your goal. Continue Reading →

Creating the guest room: top tips for a job well done

Many people have a box room that they simply don’t use. Whether it’s being used as an ad hoc study, a place for exercise equipment or is just filled with odds and ends that needed storing somewhere, it’s a bit of a waste; after all, you can convert it into a great guest room on the cheap. With these top tips, you can start putting together a fantastic spare bedroom for friends and family, should they visit your home in the near future. Continue Reading →