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Decorating for a New Arrival

It’s just one of the many things you’ve no doubt been planning throughout your pregnancy. In decorating the nursery for your new arrival, you’re building a world both your child and you will be happy being in. There is of course the practical necessity of the room, but it’s time to let your creativity run wild and create a room where they can grow and develop.

It all depends on your own tastes and how you want your child to be influenced from an early age; but there are a few things you should always try and do. We think these are a good place to start. Continue Reading →

Using Your Fabric Scraps for DIY Decorating

Fabric and textiles surround us — from our clothing to our carpets. Color, pattern, texture and design affect both our mood and our wallets.

Everyone has fabric scraps. They are in clothes that no longer fit, or draperies that are being replaced. As a frugal homemaker you can take these scraps and make items of value. Continue Reading →

Inspiring DIY Christmas Decoration for the In- and Outdoors

Everything should remind of the Christmas coming! Decorate not only your house inside but also outside, decorate your entry door, yard and the house. Put a fir tree outside, hang some beautiful wreaths of fir branches or any other materials. Apples, pinecones, ribbons covered with snow look so romantic! Continue Reading →