‘Sydney Residence’ by Doherty Lynch

The award-winning duo of Doherty Lynch designs residential, corporate, and retail interiors with a modern edge while still remaining comfortable.

The ‘Sydney Residence’ was designed with a young family in mind, where the inspiration came from yellow penny round tile. Pops of yellow show up throughout the house giving it a playful and cheery vibe.

On the walls, bright white and yellow paint, and fun wallpaper were inspired by the homeowners’ vast art collection. There is a simplicity and thoughtfulness in the details that brings about a cohesive theme to the Australian home.

Here is some further information from the designers:

“Unpretentious, relaxed and playful – this Sydney project has a very Australian feel about it. The client brief was for a family home filled with colour, energy and life. The interior was to reflect the hustle and bustle of family life and stimulate young minds, but to also feel harmonious and calm. And it was a yellow penny round tile that the owners brought in that evolved the design and provided the inspiration for the interior resolution.

Doherty Lynch used reclaimed timber flooring, oak veneer, bright paint colours and details, such as pendant light fittings, to ensure a fresh and youthful feel for this project. Joinery materials are in a restrained palette of oak veneer and white and charcoal finishes, while splashes of colour are in feature walls, pendant lights and patterned wallpapers to create layers within this interior. These colours and finishes were inspired by the clients’ extensive art collection to bring some personality and context to the interior.

Doherty Lynch kept details simple to emphasise material junctions.”

2010 Australian Interior Design Awards, Colour in Residential Design – Winner

Photos by Dieu Tan.

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