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Greening Your Home: Easy Tips and Tricks

Going green at home and in your daily life is easier than you might think. The essence of adopting a green lifestyle centers on conservation. There are lots of simple and easy ways to go green at home. At its heart, greening your home and life is about reducing waste and your family’s impact on […]

Construction Projects To Make For Green Living Spaces

It’s intriguing to consider, with current technologies, what is now possible in the field of home construction. In the past couple decades; we’ve begun to express a huge desire for greener homes. It would be nice to think that this has been primarily due to an increased interest in ecology but it has more to […]

Bathroom trends for 2014

Planning to decorate your bathroom in 2014? We’ve compiled a list of the latest trends and bathroom design ideas that will ensure that your new bathroom looks the business in the New Year. From curved edges and dark wood floors, to simplicity and stunning new colour combinations, 2014’s new bathroom trends are going to transform […]

Bathroom Design Trends to Look Out for in 2013

The start of a new year is a great time to think about how you can update your home to keep up with what’s hot in the world of interior design. If you’re planning to focus on your bathroom, take heed of these trends that are predicted to make a splash over the next 12 […]