Choosing the Right Mattress for You

You will often hear the cliché that we spend a third of our lives asleep which, if you have a quick peruse of the internet, you will find copious amounts of research to back this up.

As it therefore dominates a large proportion of your life you should take care when buying a mattress: don’t settle for less and go with what suits your needs.

Below you will find a buyer’s guide to help you pick which mattress is best for you. Continue Reading →

‘Office Dones del 36′ by ZEST Architecture

ZEST Architecture have designed an office space in Gracia, Barcelona, that is shared by both an architecture firm and an e-commerce business.

“An architecture firm. An e-commerce business. Two very different companies with fluctuating personnel depending on season or project. A large open space. How can two companies share such a space without losing the openness, daylight and view?

The answer was, as all great architecture, as ingenious as it was simple. Continue Reading →

The Many Faces of Modern Bathrooms

Though the bathroom is essence, but the rhetoric tends to be that most bathrooms are the same. Pleasantly, it’s not the case anymore. The changing phase of the changing face of the bathroom has belied all archaic views and adages. The modern and contemporary bathroom is the resonance and composition of myriad new things that behove the exquisiteness of the bathroom.
Let’s review it!

Minimalistic yet many elements tend to metamorphose the bathroom realm in to a bigger dynamic space, housing sublime and creative pieces, apart from the combinations of wall hung or free standing baths, oversized sinks of glass, natural fixtures of stone, acrylic fittings, subtle yet space saving vanities and furniture that serve as quintessential storage merchandises; moreover, there are trendy designs and classically shaped pieces and accessories to complement the aesthetic of the settings. Stylish walk in showers, enclosures, shower heads, chrome fittings like taps, mixers, valves and showers, with jet pressure – the loop style and horizontal types replenish with splendour. The loop shower has a classy significance, in a loop shape, serving as a perfect shower space, made of ceramic.  Continue Reading →

‘395 Page Mill’ by Studio O+A

Studio O+A designed a variety of spaces on the first floor of AOL’s office building in Palo Alto, California., including the public lobby, a coffee shop, a gym, and a tech incubator. Continue Reading →