Get the Full Movie Experience Within Your Own Home

Home cinema, also commonly called home theater, describes home entertainment systems that aim to reproduce a movie theater experience and mood, with the help of audio and video equipment set-up in a private home.

A home theater is actually a movie theater as you know it built right into your house. Referred to as a home cinema, it is made to mimic commercial theater performance and feeling. Today, home cinema by e.g. implies a genuine ‘cinema experience’ in a private residence. Continue Reading →

Interior Decorating Tips For Your New Home

So you’re finally moving! This probably means you’re thinking about how you’re going to design the interior of your home. This can be a tall order. Your old furnishings may not match the décor of your new home; your old lights may not complement the new color scheme; your old art work and antiques may not aesthetically fit the new rooms. There’s a lot to think about, in addition to the normal stress factors of moving. Here are a few tips that may help you to transition smoothly in your new home without sacrificing a good interior design: Continue Reading →

‘Graffiti Cafe’ by Studio MODE

Studio MODE have designed the Graffiti Cafe in Varna, Bulgaria.

“We built up the interior as natural continuation of the architecture. By functional design we separated the area into two zones: the front zone was incorporated into the exterior creating public space and feeling of console silhouette of the building; the rear zone was separated through floor and roof design that allowed reducing depth of space while keeping the panorama. Continue Reading →

5 Steps To Achieving The Perfect Bathroom

Updating your bathroom is an important task due to the fact that, along with the kitchen, it is a room that is not frequently restyled. Redecorating these two rooms can be quite expensive and as a result it can be five, ten or even fifteen years between updates. This of course means that it is essential to achieve the perfect bathroom design that you will be happy with for many years. Following the five
steps below should ensure that you accomplish your goal. Continue Reading →