Beds for Small Spaces

Living in a small home, flat or studio can be challenging, and being creative with your limited space is essential to living comfortably. Being creative and picking furnishings that do double-duty is crucial; luckily, there are plenty of simple solutions that make life easier for small-space dwellers. Beds can be the biggest furniture in a small flat, and downsizing your bed is not always possible, but there are plenty of ways to fit your bed into a tiny home. Continue Reading →

Revamp Your Dining Room

It doesn’t take much to turn a boring, drab dining room into a chic and cozy place for people to gather and enjoy each other’s company. In fact, there’s no reason not to make your dining room elegant. Even small things like lighting and color can make a huge difference and doesn’t have to break the bank. A dining room doesn’t have to be large to be elegant. Utilize the most of your space to create a stunning atmosphere. Continue Reading →

How to Pick the Bed for You

It can be a difficult decision picking the bed for you. There are so many different styles out there how do you choose just one? There are several ways you can narrow down your search and some important tips on how to choose your bed.

Before you start looking for a bed it is important to decide what size you are going to get, do you want a single, a double, a queen or a king sized bed? Many people have a preference to the size of bed they want but it is important to make sure you have enough room in your bedroom for it, there is no point buying a queen sized bed if you can only just fit it in your room. Continue Reading →

Create a Japanese-style bedroom

Finding inspiration for your latest home decorating project can be tricky – after all, there are so many ideas to choose from! But one country that has consistently informed design trends throughout the last few centuries has been Japan. Drawing ideas from this serene and often minimalist style of design for your new bedroom renovation project will result in a room that is calming and meditative; great for those of us who suffer from stress and need somewhere to relax after a hard day’s work. Continue Reading →