Top Five Wacky Pieces of Furniture

One of the most loved and natural materials on the planet, oak has been in used for thousands of years both for its beauty and durability. Once used as a material for the rich to express their wealth, oak is now available to everybody and is one of the most respected furniture materials around, especially on the internet with online stores such as Although it is true, furniture is commonly used for dining tables, chest drawers and beds, let us look at our household objects through a different light and see some of the wackiest pieces of furniture around. Continue Reading →

House in Avintes by Gisela Silva Monteiro

The House located in Vila de Avintes, from the early 20th Century, was found in an advanced state of degradation, having suffered multiple changes and unplanned additions along the times, threatening to erase its original character.

Presented with this challenge, the selected approach of Gisela Silva Monteiro was to reconnect the old with the new, finding a conducting line between both realities. The House original project was found and presented to the new family as the baseline for the new development. Continue Reading →

‘LiYuan Library’ by Li Xiaodong Atelier

This project by Li Xiaodong Atelier is modest addition to the small village of Huairou on the outskirts of Beijing, just under a two hours drive from busy Beijing urban life.

On the one hand it forms a modern programmatic complement to the village by adding a small library and reading space within a setting of quiet contemplation. On the other hand we wanted to use architecture to enhance the appreciation of the natural landscaping qualities. Continue Reading →

Which Kind of Flooring Would Suit Your Interior Design

The type of flooring that you use in your home can set the style for the interior. Since the flooring is a dominant item that covers such a large area, it is usually one of the first items selected when planning the interior. Flooring is broken down into two categories: hard surfaces and soft surfaces. Continue Reading →