‘Salon Urbain’ by Sid Lee Architecture + Ædifica

Sid Lee Architecture and Aedifica have transformed a former parking area into an urban lounge at the Place des Arts in Montreal, Canada, home of the symphonic orchestra of Montreal.

Project description:

“Sid Lee Architecture and Ædifica turned the parking area at Place des Arts into Salon Urbain, a versatile new space ideal for meeting up before or after a musical performance, a gallery visit or a conference. The Salon Urbain fully captures the artistic appeal of the site, located at the St. Urbain entrance of the Place des Arts and next to the new concert hall. Continue Reading →

What Different Types of Bed Are Available and Who Do They Suit?

Choosing a new bed is a very big part of decorating your new room. Those that have decided to decorate their bedroom will most likely have a certain style in mind for the sleeping centerpiece, and should certainly consider what mattresses complement this like a tempur mattress for example.

They may choose to make it similar to that of the rest of their house. They may also choose to make it completely different – whatever your style, your bedroom should showcase the best in your design taste! Continue Reading →

Clean Up Your Messy Garage

Garages, more often than not, end up acting more like storage units than housing for automobiles. In some cases the disarray in a garage can get to the where it is overwhelming. Well, the following are steps that anyone can take to gain back control of their garage.

The first step is to prioritize what you would like your garage to be. Would you like to park cars there? Is it best suited as a workshop? Maybe you would like to set up a ping pong table. Any of these options are better than it being wasted space. Decide what is important to you. Organize your plans around using the garage for that purpose. This is also a good time to go through all the stuff you have been keeping in there and decide if you really need to keep it. Taking an honest look at all the stuff you have stored in your garage and forgotten about can help to create a lot of space. Maybe you could even sell some of it for a little extra cash. Continue Reading →

Choosing the Right Mattress for You

You will often hear the cliché that we spend a third of our lives asleep which, if you have a quick peruse of the internet, you will find copious amounts of research to back this up.

As it therefore dominates a large proportion of your life you should take care when buying a mattress: don’t settle for less and go with what suits your needs.

Below you will find a buyer’s guide to help you pick which mattress is best for you. Continue Reading →