How Far Will the Motorized Blinds Phenomenon Go?

The days of motorized blinds being reserved for a select group are long gone. They are now sold by the majority of major blinds retailers in the country and are priced accordingly. The bigger question isn’t who they are designed for, but just how advanced will their designs become?

If we cast our minds back several years ago, when these devices first donned the market, the prices might have been high but the ideas were simple. They were mainly targeted at inaccessible windows, which were just not practically reachable by conventional methods. Through the touch of a button it was possible to operate these blinds – and that was the end of that.


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Half Bathroom Decorating Ideas

half bathroom designs7

Call it a half bath, guest bath, or powder room, a small bath packs a lot of function into slim square footage. A half bath is convenient for house guests and family members alike, and is often placed just outside of a main living area to ensure accessibility. Continue Reading →

Small Apartment Bathroom Ideas

Small Apartment Bathroom Ideas6

Living in apartment becomes a common option today. Now, to find or to build a big house or a standard size is little bit difficult especially in the city. In case you can get one, then the price will be very expensive. Continue Reading →

Eclectic Design Interior

Eclectic Design Interior4

Eclectic style encompasses a variety of periods and styles and is brought together through the use of color, texture, shape and finish. Continue Reading →