How to design a games room


If you are fortunate to have the space, then using it to create a games room is a great project that will do much to improve your social life, most people find that once they have a games room their friends just can’t keep away. If there isn’t space inside your house, then you could consider turning your double garage into a games room, or even converting your loft. However the problem with loft conversions is the floor loading if you are intending to include a pool or a snooker table, plus the problem of getting a pool or snooker table into your loft. It can be done, we have a friend who turned his loft into a music room which included a full size grand piano, but a large crane was needed. Continue Reading →

Five Very Unique Chairs


Triangle Armchair - Like something out of an evil villain’s lair, the Triangle armchair looks like it is barely touching the floor thanks to its thin and light structure. The armrests highlight transparency and the back strip, creates a perfect balance, all in striking black and a pearl gray. It’s yours for $18,000. Continue Reading →

Choosing a Modern Interior Design for your Office? Don’t Forget Indoor Plants!

Interior design of modern officeWhether or not you have a green thumb, decorating your office with quality indoor plants is necessary to complete your office’s modern interior design.

However, choosing the right plants and finding the time and energy to care for your new plants can be cumbersome. Rest assured that you can cross these tasks off your list by hiring a company who rents indoor plants for your office, saving you both time and money. These specialized companies will do everything needed when it comes to outfitting your office with the most stylish, modern and cost-effective indoor plants. Furthermore, adding live, indoor plants to a modern office design will create a beautiful, positive environment that keeps both morale and production high. Continue Reading →

Bathroom trends for 2014


Planning to decorate your bathroom in 2014? We’ve compiled a list of the latest trends and bathroom design ideas that will ensure that your new bathroom looks the business in the New Year.

From curved edges and dark wood floors, to simplicity and stunning new colour combinations, 2014’s new bathroom trends are going to transform even the smallest or darkest of bathroom spaces.

So if 2014 is going to be the year where you finally redecorate your bathroom, the following trends will help you create a stylish bathroom with ease, whatever your budget and space. Continue Reading →