How to Create Your Dream Bathroom Suite

Having a master bathroom suite that is designed just for you is among life’s greatest luxuries. Your bathroom suite will depend on how much room and cash you have, but you can implement many luxurious elements even in a small bath.

Every good plan takes research. Spend plenty of time looking at master bathroom suites by visiting open houses, attending home shows and browsing bathroom area of do-it-yourself centers. Also check out plumbing stores, because they typically have bathrooms on display. Get more ideas from home-oriented websites, magazines and television shows.

Come up with a plan. Life experience and personal needs determine your needs and wants in your bathroom. Make a dream list to start off your plan! After you have your list, you should determine costs and whether you have the space available for those elements. If you are developing a new home or remodeling your bathroom, it is advisable to measure and graph out your area so you’re able to experiment with ideas and the space available.

Double vanities are very desirable in a master bathroom. Whenever possible, it’s nice to split them up into two separate areas of the room so there is a good amount of elbow room when a couple is getting ready at the same time. Include numerous drawer and cabinet space to help you keep your vanity tops freed from clutter. Consider vanity towers for extra storage space. Granite countertops are a beautiful luxury, and undermount sinks are super easy to care for. Make sure you have plenty of lighting above the vanity area. Consider raising the vanity height to 34 inches instead of the customary 30 inches — much less bending over for adults.

A well-designed walk-in shower may be the ultimate luxury. Most people are eliminating a tub for the simplicity of a nice walk-in shower when space is limited, but a jetted tub is a nice place to relax after a hard day. Consider having a step up to the tub. Include extra shower and bath heads for convenience. A straight tub is much easier to lie in than a corner tub. It’s nice to have an opaque window for lighting above the tub. Add a cable outlet so you can see your favorite programs while soaking.

Most bathroom suites include closet space. In a master bedroom, his-and-her walk-in closets are perfect. Include a dressing area; it’s nice to have a place to sit while putting on shoes and include a full-length mirror. Personal preference dictates whether you have doors on your closets or leave them open into the bathroom.

A private room for the toilet is desirable in a master suite. You might consider adding a bidet or urinal. Add a shelf for reading material. If there is still room, add a pedestal sink.

Make sure you have plenty of lighting, and include some mood lighting if you want a special retreat. Add surround sound – even in the shower. A small gas fireplace in the wall is inviting and warming in cold winters. If you have a central vacuum, get a built-in dust pan. You can also put in a washer and dryer, so laundry is convenient.

This is your personal space, and you want it to reflect your tastes and needs. Color, decor and accessories are all a matter of what you like and what fits your space and budget. Artwork, plants, candles and other items will personalize your new bathroom suite.

Ever since the earliest radiators were developed they included both decorative design features and practical elements. Ornate coverings reflected style while on the practical side chambers were included for heating linen and plates. This mixture of aesthetic appeal and useful functionality has extended to the use of radiators today and is particularly handy in bathrooms for traditional or designer towel rails.

There aren’t many things as comforting as being wrapped in a soft cuddly and warm towel after a delicious soak in a bubble bath. The nice and cozy cocoon both relaxes and dries you so that you can settle down to a good night’s rest. Traditional towel radiators can be both attractive and practical in design and are usually for sale in both chrome and copper finishes. Placement of your heated towel rails is essential as little hands might find them to be very warm to the touch so they should be connected to the wall at a suitable height.

This may sound like a luxury item but cheap towel rails are around every corner so that you can get a feel of luxury at a reasonable cost no matter what the size of your bathroom. Towel rails can even be sourced with integral steel or cast iron radiator giving a more Victorian look to your bathroom and the radiators can be colour matched to suit your individual style. An overall rule for determining the amount of heat output in Watts is required from your radiator in your bathroom is to take the volume (length x width x height) of the room in cubic metres and multiply by 90.

Wall stays and towel rail valves can be purchased to match the style of rail and radiator that you have selected and the valves often come with thermostatic features too. Unlike manual valves that require physical turning to adjust settings Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) have temperature sensors built-in and they can automatically adjust to the desired temperature. Although TRVs are usually larger in size than manual valves since they need to accommodate the sensors, they have the additional benefit of being energy efficient and therefore also environmentally friendly.

For added convenience one can now shop online for traditional and designer towel rails and select from a wide range of sizes, colours and shapes to meet the aesthetic and heating requirements in your bathroom. Curling up in your heated towel with the smell of scented candles in the air can really give you that special pampered feeling in the comfort of your own home.

Imagine reaching outside a comfy, steamy shower and grasping a warm towel to wrap around you before stepping into your comparatively cool bathroom. Towel warmers can transform your morning routine into a thoroughly enjoyable experience, insuring that you start your day in the right way.

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