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Home Inspections & Safety With Your Interior Design

Home Inspections

Interior design is what makes your home beautiful and comfortable to you. Little touches and changes in your home can really make a huge difference. Bright colors bring happy and smiling faces. Continue Reading →

Spare room double or single bed?


Having a spare bedroom is a bonus for any home owner but it also presents the challenge of how to make the most of it. Especially if it is to become both an occasional bedroom and possible study or work area.

Lighting and colour is key. It is important to create a welcoming, bright atmosphere with the right colour scheme and choice of materials. A good source of natural light always helps, but you might also consider installing at least one side-light to complement the main ceiling illumination and functional bedside lamps. Continue Reading →

Duvet Covers In Interiors

Duvet Covers5

The awesome duvet covers have different model such sophisticated and innovative. Continue Reading →

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom3

One of the most personal and intimate rooms in a home is the master bathroom — and the decorating possibilities are endless. Continue Reading →