Avoid Chaos when Renovating Your House

Spring can be the perfect time for a home renewal. Perhaps all you want to do is give your living room a lick of paint or put up some shelving units, or maybe the kitchen or bathroom needs replacing. However big your plans are, you might need a few tips on how to avoid chaos whilst you are decorating. You’ll need space to work in the rooms you are doing up and there are many ways you can avoid a chaotic state of affairs and make the improvement phase more enjoyable.

Throw out the rubbish

Decorating a room often required a certain degree of tidying up to prepare for painting, wallpapering or other decorating activities. You should take this opportunity to de-clutter the relevant rooms getting rid of anything you no longer wish to keep such as old curtains, books, bric-a-brac and clothes. Pack it all in boxes and plan a trip to the charity shop and/or the skip as soon as possible so you don’t need to store the objects for longer than necessary. If you are decorating with a partner, why not plan it so that one of you takes the boxes to the charity shop and skip while the other cleans or continues the tidying?

Put away unnecessary items

As you prepare the rooms before the decorating go through room by room and consider if there are any ornaments or soft furnishings that won’t fit with the new décor but you still want to keep. Perhaps you’ve left certain objects on show for too long and although they have emotional value they no longer need to be on show. Place these items in boxes and prepare them for storage.

Temporary storage of furniture

If you are carrying out work that requires some time to be completed it might be worth hiring a self storage unit for the furniture that will be in the way whilst you decorate and any items you don’t need during this period of time. Moving the furniture into self storage will save lots of space when you’re painting and installing new kitchens and painting. In addition, you may wish to keep the storage unit after your decoration project is complete as you can store the boxes with the items you no longer wish to display, but don’t want to throw away.

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