5 Steps To Achieving The Perfect Bathroom

Updating your bathroom is an important task due to the fact that, along with the kitchen, it is a room that is not frequently restyled. Redecorating these two rooms can be quite expensive and as a result it can be five, ten or even fifteen years between updates. This of course means that it is essential to achieve the perfect bathroom design that you will be happy with for many years. Following the five
steps below should ensure that you accomplish your goal.

Measuring up

In order for your furniture to look right in the bathroom it is important that they are the right size. Large items situated in relatively small bathrooms can dominate the room and have an overpowering effect. On the other hand, you do want to maximise the space that is available to you. It is therefore advisable to carefully measure the dimensions of the room. You may even wish to draw a scale plan of the room, including measurements and then make a few photocopies.

Browsing your options

With your measurements or plan in hand, it is time to take a trip to one or two bathroom showrooms to see what they have to offer. Try not to be guided too much by your current bathroom design and think outside the box. There is nothing to say that the positioning of your bathroom suite as it is now is the right layout. You may find that an L-shaped bathtub at completely the other end of where your current tub is situated makes better use of the space. Using your copies of the bathroom plan here can help you decide which suite will best fit your bathroom.

Floor and walling

Having visited the bathroom showrooms you should now have at least one suite in mind that will fit perfectly. Your next step is to decide what kind of materials you will use on the floor and walls. Modern bathroom designs often incorporate tiling on both the walls and floor; essentially creating a wet room. Travertine and granite are popular choices right now and both provide striking aesthetics. If you have chosen a more traditional bathroom suite and are looking for a Victorian vibe then tiling might not be the right choice for you. If you do decide to go for a tiled floor then marble or black and white chequered porcelain design will suit best. Plain painted walls, perhaps with some wooden panelling will finish off the look.


One aspect that many homeowners overlook when planning their bathroom design is the importance of accessories. Even the plainest bath or sink can look appealing when complimented by the right taps. Spending a little extra here can really have a huge impact on the feel of the room. Whether you are going for a modern style or more traditional approach, be sure to add a chrome heated towel rail or
classic cast iron radiator. Your choice of mirrors can also have a huge influence on the ambience of the room. If you have quite a small bathroom then it is wise to have a large mirror that most of the length of one wall – ideally above the sink. If other furniture items prevent placing a large mirror above the sink then consider fitting a small model here, with the larger mirror on the opposite wall. Wherever you fit the large mirror, it will help create the illusion of space within the bathroom.

If your bathroom is on the large side then you don’t really need the big mirror. Installing one in an already spacious room can actually make the bathroom feel too big and even characterless. In most instances you are better advised to fit a couple of smaller mirrors.

Considering Lighting

The final factor to consider in your perfect bathroom design is the lighting. Whilst it is important that you are clearly able to see what you are doing, too much light can detract from the charm of the room. Where the bathroom should feel welcoming; the wrong lighting can have the opposite effect and create a clinical hospital like vibe. Make sure that you go for light bulbs that offer a warm colour as opposed to bright white and then you should be able to relax as you take a dip in your lovely new bathtub.

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